Expert witness reports

We produce expert witness reports for cases related to the estimation of damages, contractual conflicts and other situations in which it is usually necessary to simulate how a market would have worked if certain conducts had not occurred.

We have provided reports for a wide variety of sectors, including telecommunications, intellectual property rights, electricity, retail distribution, insurance, audiovisual, food, finance, infrastructure, transport, waste management, urban services and health.

Economic regulation and competition policy

The economic regulation of monopolies and the control of effective competition in oligopolistic markets is one of the most common applications of microeconomics to the business world.

We are experts in the economic regulation of airports and we have a solid experience in the regulation of other sectors, such as electricity, railways and telecommunications.

We have also carried out analyses of competition for law firms, companies and competition authorities in a large number of sectors. Among them, infrastructure, health services, air transport, construction materials, digital television, consumer markets, audiovisual, road transport, banking sector, port and airport infrastructure services, mobile telephony, electricity, postal sector and food markets.

Quantitative analysis of industries and markets

We carry out a wide variety of quantitative analyses, including the analysis of economic competitiveness, economic impact analysis, cost-benefit analysis and forecasting of economic variables.

We have applied quantitative techniques to sectors as diverse as telecommunications, electricity, manufacturing, rail transport, road freight transport, retail distribution, food, organization of sports and cultural events, media, film industry and lotteries.

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